I'd Like It Freshly Ground!

Sustainable Feed Preparation at Brüninghoff

Instant coffee or freshly ground coffee? - Most people do not have to think about this for a long time and would immediately go for the freshly ground product. Quality and taste tip the scales here.

How is this question related to Brüninghoff? We, at Brüninghoff, feed our calves with specially and freshly made milk. Our competitors, however, prefer milk powder products. Brüninghoff is purchasing the original liquid skimmed milk from dairies and cream plants and gets the liquid whey from cheese dairies. These components are mixed with high-quality vegetable fats and then feeded to the calves, complemented by premium roughage. That way, preserving the natural fresh and liquid milk is contributing to a nutritious feed and a healthy rearing. This, in turn, is crucial for the quality of the veal.

Additionally, there are several other important advantages of feeding the calves as explained above, especially with regard to environmental sustainability: Using fresh liquid milk means saving all the energy associated with the dehydrating process for skimmed milk and whey, which is redundant. Moreover, unnecessary transports to dehydrating plants can be avoided. Most important, however, valuable ground water is conserved, because it is not necessary to dissolve any powder in water.